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Dr. Fuzzball’s Organic Virgin CBD Coconutty Oil for Cats & Dogs is made with just 2 ingredients: cold-pressed coconut oil and organic broad-spectrum hemp extract with CBD for maximum benefit. Highly concentrated to keep your pet's daily caloric intake balanced and healthy!

Dr. Fuzzball’s CBD Cookies for Doggies are made with the highest quality organic broad-spectrum hemp extract with CBD - and only healthy, real, human-grade ingredients. In 3 Doggy's Choice flavors - PB & Jelly, Blueberry Muffin, and Carrot Cake. Always Free of Gluten, Soy, Dairy & GMOs

Dr. Fuzzball’s Better! Nose Butter helps Pups who suffer from dry, cracked noses & the hyperkeratosis that is common among short-nosed breeds. A dog’s nose can fluctuate from wet to dry over the day, but a chronically dry nose can interfere with their most important sense - SMELL!

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Our CBD products contain actual CBD - not just hemp oil with trace amounts (if any) of the active ingredient you are looking for.

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We know that not all CBD products are the real thing. Some may not even contain the therapeutic levels of CBD they claim, and even worse they may contain undesirables like pesticide residue & heavy metals.  

      Your pets are too precious for that.    

Our products are always organic, always made in the US, and

Always Lab Tested

with Quality + Purity Guaranteed