BREF-B-KLEEN Breath Freshener & Teeth Cleaner for Cats & Dogs

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* BANISHES BAD BREATH: Incredibly effective due to the powerful bacteria busting enzymes found naturally in our seaweed blend * NO BRUSHING for CATS & DOGS: Works with your pet’s saliva to attack & break down plaque on teeth & gums which means it works 24/7, unlike products that only work with direct contact * 2 to 4 MONTH SUPPLY IN EACH JAR: We give you more in each bottle; Concentrated formula reduces packaging, and the frequency you need to replenish * JUST SPRINKLE ON FOOD: ¼ -½ gram per 1 cup of food; A little goes a long way to support your pet’s oral health between their regular dentals * ORGANIC REAL FOOD FORMULA: No unnecessary fillers and no junk, no GMOs, no preservatives & no artificial ingredients; Yes Vegan, all natural, and human grade; Made in the USA