DOO-B-FIRM Tummy Soother & Gut Balancer for Dogs

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* CALM TUMMIES, GUT GRUMBLES, and NOT SO GOOD NUMBER TWO’s: Our natural blend contains fiber from nutritional yeast & pumpkin to firm, plus papaya leaf, plantain leaf, slippery elm & catnip to soothe & settle *Don’t worry (or get disappointed!) - Catnip doesn’t give dogs the Kitty Crazies! Instead, it has a calming effect in dogs, and is well-trusted for its tummy soothing properties. * NATURAL, WHOLE FOOD & HERBAL REMEDY: We look to tried & true, safe & natural sources for our SuperPowders & Remedies - not a lab. Our pet’s health is affected greatly by what they consume - and we believe that effective solutions that are clean, real, healthy & minimal are the best for their well-being. * ORGANIC & FILLER FREE: Real Food-Based, No unnecessary fillers, no junk, no GMOs, no preservatives & no artificial ingredients; Yes Vegan, all natural, and human grade; Made in the USA * 2 to 4 MONTH SUPPLY IN EACH JAR: We give you more in each bottle; Concentrated formula reduces packaging, and the frequency you need to replenish * JUST SPRINKLE ON FOOD: ¼ -½ gram per 1 cup of food; A little goes a long way to help your Fuzz Angel feel better.