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Hemp Oil vs CBD Oil
what's the difference?
(well actually, it's huge)

Hemp Oil or Hemp Seed Oil
Cost: $-$$

High quality Hemp Seed Oil is less expensive to produce than CBD oil. Most nutritional hemp seed oil companies are honest about their product, so if you see a "CBD" product that is priced suspiciously low and is ambiguous about the CBD content, it may be hemp seed oil masquerading as CBD oil. Good hemp oil is wonderful for its own reasons - it just doesn't contain CBD and shouldn't carry the same price tag!


  • Hemp Seed Oil is a nutritional supplement made from cold pressing industrial hemp seeds. Widely accepted as a superior oil for health due to its ideal 3:1 ratio of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids, phytosterols and antioxidant vitamins.

  • No CBD or other Cannabinoids - these are not present in the hemp seeds and thus, are never present in the extracted oil.

  • As Hemp Extract/CBD Oil generally falls into one of two categories- “Full Spectrum” or “Broad Spectrum”, this brings us to one of the points of confusion between Hemp Oil and Hemp Extract.

    Technically Hemp Oil is Full Spectrum because it contains all the oils and nutrients that were extracted from the plant but this is very distinct from Full Spectrum Hemp Extract or CBD Oil. Confusing right? A rule of thumb is to always look for the word "seed" in the ingredients, even if it says Full Spectrum on the label.

  • How to tell the difference even if the label is misleading.
      1. If it is a low, low price - it's low, low quality.
      2. Shows a statement like "5000mg" on the label, but does not state what these milligrams are.
      3. Claims that the product helps with anxiety, stress or pain - but contains only hemp seed oil.

* We love hemp seed oil for all of its nutritional value, and use it in conjunction with CBD Oil in some of our products, just as we use virgin coconut oil or MCT oil. The products that contain hemp seed oil and  hemp extract are always clearly labelled, and lab-tested for potency & purity.

CBD Oil aka Hemp Extract
Cost: $$-$$$

CBD Oil is much more expensive to produce, refine and market than Hemp Seed Oil, thus price can be a good indicator of the true potency and authenticity. Additionally, real, high-quality products will state the milligrams of CBD in the product, not just total milligrams with no mention of what those milligrams are, and will be always be lab tested for purity & safety.


  • CBD Oil is extracted and refined from hemp specifically grown for its cannabinoid profile as opposed to industrial hemp, which is grown primarily for its fibers.

  • Hemp extract (CBD Oil) has varying amounts of beneficial cannabinoids including the superstar, CBD, the up-and-comers CBC, CBN & CBG, as well as low amounts of THC. The actual amounts of the active ingredients depend on the particular plant strain and the type of oil.

  • 3 Main Types (each with distinct differences)
  • Broad
  • Full
  • CBD

Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract contains CBD and all of the cannabinoids, flavonoids, terpenes, & phyto-lipids extracted from the hemp plant with the THC removed. These cannabinoid compounds have their own therapeutic value and work together synergistically to enhance each other and CBD naturally.  

Broad Spectrum is the full plant extract - but any THC is removed completely.

Generally refers to an oil that retains its cannabinoids while having been purified to exclude virtually all undesirables. In this case THC is excluded for its psychoactive effects.

*This is the type we choose for pets at Dr.Fuzzball's, due to the absence of THC.

Full Spectrum Hemp Extract also contains CBD and all of the beneficial compounds found in the hemp plant. The primary difference between Broad and Full-Spectrum is that Full-Spectrum still contains any naturally occurring THC.

Full Spectrum is the full plant extract including small amounts of THC

Generally refers to an oil that retains its cannabinoids while having been purified to exclude virtually all undesirables. In this case THC is included for its synergistic effect where the presence of THC is not a concern..

CBD Isolate is the most processed, and often least desirable type of CBD.

This is extremely pure (99%+) CBD that is the result of isolating a single compound from all the others. On the surface, this may seem like an ideal form as CBD is the main active component most people are looking for for themselves and their pets.

However, isolation eliminates the beneficial "entourage effect" produced by keeping as many of the other naturally occurring components intact. This form is much closer to a pharmaceutical than a natural remedy.

CBD Isolate is CBD only - no other cannabinoids, terpenes, or flavonoids.