KITTY-NIP Premium US Grown Organic Catnip Leaves & Flowers

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* FRESH & POTENT - NEVER STALE: You can literally smell the difference between KITTY-NIP and old, stale catnip that has lost the lovely, minty scent that good, fresh catnip has. And if you can smell the difference, your kitty certainly can too! * ORGANIC & US GROWN: We try our very best to keep unhealthy substances away from our Furkids. For us, that includes residual pesticides on anything they may ingest or (in the case of catnip) smell! * PREMIUM QUALITY CATNIP: At Dr.Fuzzball’s, you will notice we have a “Less is More” philosophy when it comes to what we make for pets. We believe that if a product contains only high quality, effective ingredients you don’t need to use nearly as much as you do with lower quality. * SHAKEABLE GLASS JAR: Easy to dispense, shake & pour top allows a lot more control over how much you give your kitty at a time. And we really want you to refill or reuse our jars, so we package in infinity useful glass - not single-use plastic. * JUST SPRINKLE near your kitty cat, on a toy, or anything else they might like whenever your lil’ fluff needs enrichment. KITTY-NIP is potent stuff- a little goes a long way.