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Always 100% THC free

our CBD products support healthy happy pets
without sedating - or getting them high

Stress-Busting + Nerve-Calming
Organic Broad-Spectrum CBD™ 


The easy, yummy way to give your pooches CBD. Anytime, everyday convenience with no need to mix with food for picky pups.
WARNING: Begging may ensue.

The double whammy. All the benefits of virgin coconut oil like shiny fur, hairball reduction and healthy skin, boosted with stress-busting CBD. Our concentrated formula packs a lot in a little - we care about your pet's waistline!
WARNING: Yes, cats beg too.

Keep your pupper's nose boopable (and comfortable!). Dry noses can be caused by a variety of things like allergies, weather or genetic conditions like hyperkeratosis. We created our nose butter with rich, soothing oils & extra strength CBD to make the most precious of snouts feel better!

WARNING: Increased nose comfort can lead to better smelling. Hide the treats.