Bad Breath Busting + Immune Boosting + Whole Food Vitamins 
Amazing benefits in easy to add ( Just Sprinkle! ) real food powders.

Noticeably Effective, Practically Miraculous Daily Oral Care that Works!

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A BAD BREATH MIRACLE? Just About! BREF-B-KLEEN is made from our special blend of seaweed which contains enzymes that actually attack & break down plaque on teeth & gums, and prevent build-up through the saliva.

That means it works 24/7 - unlike products that only work when in direct contact with your pet’s teeth & gums. NO BRUSHING!

WARNING: Your pet's breath may no longer be the subject of your jokes.

Natural Everyday Prebiotic Gut Support + Allergy & Immune Aid

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TURBO-NOOCH is Nutritional Yeast Fermentate - a natural byproduct of a proprietary fermentation process that produces beneficial metabolites such as beta-glucan, antioxidants & polyphenols.

TURBO-NOOCH acts as a prebiotic for a healthy gut, supports immune balance, may reduce inflammation + scratchy itchy skin, and even decrease Doo Doo odor! It’s edible health insurance for your pets!

WARNING: Soft fur is a side effect of good health, & you might have other things to do than petting your furbaby.


Real Food Vitamin & Minerals in a Palatable Powder


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BORING DOES NOT = HEALTHY. Dried kibble & canned food provide adequate, but likely not optimal nutrition. Give your furbaby's diet a boost WITHOUT artificial or isolated supplements.

TURBO-NUTRIENTS are made from nothing but healthy, organic superfoods that provide additional vitamins & minerals naturally! Plus we never add unnecessary fillers - ever.

WARNING: Cats & Dogs get really demanding for it's green, grassy flavor.