TURBO-NOOCH Allergy & Immune Support for Cats & Dogs

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* NUTRITIONAL YEAST & BETA GLUCAN RICH 7 MUSHROOM BLEND: Nooch*, a healthy, protein packed food in its own right is superpowered by our immune boosting, health protecting 7 mushroom blend with Turkey Tail, Lion’s Mane, Cordyceps, Chaga, Shiitake, Maitake, and Red Reishi. *NOOCH is the endearing nickname for the cheezy flavored wonder-food, Nutritional Yeast, & pets love it too * NATURAL, FOOD BASED IMMUNITY BOOSTER: The best way to boost your darling fluff-puff’s health is in their bowl. TURBO-NOOCH is our 100% natural & effective allergy support and immune booster in a palatable powder intended to easily fit in your existing feeding routine. * ORGANIC & FILLER FREE: Real Food-Based, No unnecessary fillers, no junk, no GMOs, no preservatives & no artificial ingredients; Yes Vegan, all natural, and human grade; Made in the USA * 2 to 4 MONTH SUPPLY IN EACH JAR: We give you more in each bottle; Concentrated formula reduces packaging, and the frequency you need to replenish * JUST SPRINKLE ON FOOD: ¼ -½ gram per 1 cup of food; A little goes a long way to support your pet’s health & immunity.