TURBO-NUTRIENTS Real Food Vitamin & Mineral Booster for Cats & Dogs

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* WHOLE FOOD SUPERFOOD SUPERPOWDER for CATS & DOGS: Made with a variety of plant-based ingredients specifically chosen for the health benefits for both Cats & Dogs, TURBO-NUTRIENTS are an easy way to boost a bland bowl into a nutrient powerhouse. And Since we do not use fillers at all - the high nutritional value doesn’t come with a lot of extra calories. * NATURAL MULTIVITAMIN - NO ARTIFICIAL ANYTHING: We believe that the nutrients found in whole foods are superior in every way to artificial or isolated vitamins and minerals. Each ingredient has its own natural synergy - and contain enzymes, fiber & protein that are never present in synthetic vitamins. * ORGANIC & FILLER FREE: Real whole food-based, No unnecessary fillers, no junk, no GMOs, no preservatives & no artificial ingredients; Yes Vegan, all natural, and human grade; Made in the USA * 2 to 4 MONTH SUPPLY IN EACH JAR: We give you more in each bottle; Concentrated formula reduces packaging, and the frequency you need to replenish * JUST SPRINKLE ON FOOD: ¼ -½ gram per 1 cup of food; A little goes a long way to support your pet’s overall health & nutrition.